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Hotel Miramare

The 4-star Miramare Hotel of elegance, is nestled in the volcanic rock that characterizes the coast of the village of Sant'Angelo d'Ischia, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Maronti.

The scenic location it makes, from 1933, one of the most prestigious and desirable accommodations on the island of Ischia, visited by a worldly jet set.

Despite its proximity to the famous little square of Sant'Angelo, one of the most chic of Ischia, Hotel Miramare is very quiet and reserved, thanks to the fact that the villages situated in a padestrian area away from noise and pollution. The building is composed by several floors connected by comfortable lifts, with the reception area on the ground, also used as a dining room and bar, opened to the outside on a large rooftop terrace.

All rooms have the see-view and also have spacious balconies with views over the bay of Maronti Beach and, at the horizon the island of Capri.

Staying at the Miramare Hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy all the services within the exclusive Miramare Sea Resort and Spa, which is part of the hotel, such as the wonderful spa gardens Aphrodite-Apollon , the wellness spa and the thermal spa, the suggestive tennis court overlooking the sea, the fully equipped private beach, that features Roman caves with natural vapours and the exclusive Scoglio Miramare.

Apollon Club

The Apollon Club is a modern Leisure Club immerged in the lush tropical park of Miramare Sea Resort and Spa.

A 4-star property consists of four villas hidden in the Mediterranean spot of the island of Ischia, a short walk to the beach of the bay of Maronti: the Villa al Mare, with large terraces overlooking the private beach of the resort, the Villa Cumana, with its Roman caves naturally heated by the local fumaroles, the Villa Delfica, with its terraces from which you can touch the sea and smell the salty air, the Villa Libica, with its breathtaking views over the bay of Maronti and fumaroles. The four units are no far away from the village of Sant'Angelo d'Ischia, its thermal pools overlooking the sea, the bar, rooftop restaurant, congress hall and thermal caves , are all connected by narrow and characteristic streets and by an efficient service of electric taxis. Choosing the Apollon Club for a holiday means to prefering the security of a 4 star impeccable service but not to give up an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Choose the Apollon Club means respecting the environment and prefer eco-sustainability:all its environments,are in fact heated in natural way by geothermal sources from the underground. Choose the Apollon Club means being part of the world Miramare Sea Resort and Spa with its high quality services like the Thermal park, an equipped private beach, the stylish rooftop bars, the elegant restaurants overlooking the sea, the lush tropical gardens.

Aphrodite Apollon

The majestic canyon pluvial with its strong colours, evidence of a past made of fire and magnetic energy, the green of the Mediterranean Spot of the island of Ischia that remembers the presence of life, and sea, the immense sea that seems to reach the fire of the rocks wedging in ravines of the coast.

In this landscape of dawn of the world develop the 7,000-square-foot of the Aphrodite-ApollonThermal Park.

A charming place where you can open the vital breath of the volcano Epomeo, that thousands of years ago formed the island of Ischia with its natural strength.

Thermal pools, natural saunas, Kneipp paths, waterfalls, gym, wellness center, spa, indoor pool, are going to make part of diverse range of services offered by this wonderment where the divine power and the human brain are at the service of the host to ensure an exciting and rewarding experience.

Open every day from 8 to 18, the Aphrodite-Apollon Thermal Park is available to guests of the Miramare Sea Resort and Spa, which is an integral part , but also to those who are elsewhere and want to spend a day of wellness and pure relaxation...

Luxury Villa

Perched on a panoramic terrace immersed in the lush Mediterranean vegetation of the island of Ischia, the Luxury Villa of Miramare Sea Resort and Spa is a magic place that we all dream when you are on holiday.

The Mediterranean style building with a large and rich Italian garden, the Luxury Villa is a structure divided into elegant furnished rooms, ideal for hosting small groups of people who want to spend a holiday in privacy without giving up all the services a 4-star hotel can offer.

It is connected by picturesque alleys to all services of the Miramare Sea Resort and Spa, the Luxury Villa has all the rooms of a traditional villa with bath, living room, kitchen as well as bedrooms all facing towards the sea; is furnished in Mediterranean style with elegant decorations and modern and functional furniture.

Of Great preciousness it is the garden that surrounds the Luxury Villa with spacious living places and lush vegetation of great value, the perfect place for organising private parties, romantic evenings or just simply enjoy the stunning views over the village of Sant'Angelo d'Ischia and the Bay of Maronti .